Online Reviews Matter

On the surface, those five little stars seem so small, but in reality, they are tremendously important for your business. Your business needs positive reviews and it needs them now. Your credibility is built on your hard work, reliability, trustworthiness, and the people who are willing to sing your praises to their friends and families. When someone is willing to post a review for you, they are giving you something extremely valuable; their stamp of approval. Genuine reviews are worth more than gold to your business and in today’s digital world, it is difficult for a business to thrive or even survive without them.


According to the 2019 Local Consumer Review Survey by BrightLocals, the average customer reads ten reviews before deciding to make a purchase. In the same survey, the overwhelming majority say that positive reviews make them more likely to trust a company. Trust. Before they even visit your website; that is the power of online reviews.


It is critical then, that you seek reviews, and have them posted. The strange thing is there are a lot of people who are shy about asking for reviews. The truth is, you are kind of always asking for things and always have. As a kid you were probably way more open about asking for things. You bounced up and down in front of your mom or dad (or whoever took care of you) excitedly pointing at some awesome thing on the shelf that you just HAD to have. As an adult, you dial that enthusiasm back so that you don’t look like a kid in a candy store all the time, but you do ask for people’s business in various ways. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have a business. We can help you start asking for reviews by sending them a link through text or email which directs them straight to a platform, like Facebook or Google, where they can post their review. We make it easy, quick, efficient, and effective. When you set up your dashboard, you will also be able to customize your request, if you choose to.


Our dashboard allows you to send a quick thank you to your customers when they leave you a review. It’s a good idea to say thank you, considering that they took the time to give you a review which can bring you more business and revenue.


You have the option of adding a review button to your page which allows customers the chance to share their experience without having to send out a request.


As soon as you get some great reviews, you can easily import the best ones to your website or blog. You can be in control of this process and grab the reviews you want to display.

Reviews are a fantastic tool. Keep in mind there will always be trolls out there. Someone is going to say something unkind about you or your business at some point in your career. Having an abundance of positive reviews is important to offset the (hopefully) few negative ones that you will receive. Monitoring those reviews and effectively responding to them is very important. You never want to let a good review go without thanks and you never want to let a bad review go unanswered. Remember to always be professional and kind no matter what anyone says. You are building your reputation, make it a good one.